Testing Facilities

Our original Test Lab was established about 25 years ago, and included the standard pieces of equipment that was common in the industry at that time. With our focus on Quality, we have grown our capabilities by continually adding new pieces of test equipment and creating new test laboratories. We currently have state of the art equipment including an extreme high/low temperature chamber and UV aging chamber. Compilng to UL VW-1, we have a flammability testing instrument . To check chemical component, we have ICP and EDX 2800 Professional RoHS Analyser. To evaluate crimping quality, we have a whole set of crimping cross section analyzer.

All these can help us to improve our products and shorten the development process.

With our advanced in-house testing capabilities, we are able to simulate the testing requirements of international standard agencies (such as VDE, BSI, GB, UL etc.) as well as those of our customers. Our customers find that the quality of our test reports enables them to expedite their total approval process.

Our goal is to take the product from development to final approval as quickly and efficiently as possible. This will provide our customers with immediate productivity and also with long-term quality advantages.